Fuuuhhhh, bersawang. I can't remember,5 months already I didn't write any entry. Most of them are..neay,BORING -,,- And and and I got nothing or anyone special to write about except for the person as you can see down there. So pathetic, right? Yayayaa, now we try to forget each other. Besides, HE'S A MARRIED GUY! except he doesn't had a kid. But..but.. I _____ him. Oh by the way, I can't feel my legs. Where are they!! Shit la Merentas Desa thing -,- but hey! At least i managed to do my best. *tepuk bahu. Just keep running and listen to Teen Top,without realising that hey! I am at school again now. Yeay! And I didn't say that man today. Where is he? Too busy preparing foods for students I guest. I did text him,but it just a question. Not a lover anymore. Bullshit Eda,you're just a kid. Howcome you be so silly like this :/

"Thank you. Thank you, Eda ! I love you !" ~ He shouted.