17 March wasn't so fun

text one

Firstly, why time flow sooo fast ? Its like H20. Sigh, Ezaddddo. Haha my superb. I miss her everytime i go to class and take a look at beside me ; its empty. Nobody there. Once, Hatim tried to write something on your table and guest what, i piss off for the whole day! Hey no one can make dirt of you table!
 I really miss you Athirah Izzati.

text two

Sigh, everybody is leaving me. Back to their hostel life, leavin' me alone in Smj. He's one of my best man. No, he's not my boyfriend or something. It just he's really into me. Arghhhh, i miss those moment allready *dying

text three

OKAY ! This is really abkfsbfksdj pffftt. The one that i always split out my problems, the one that always listen to the problems. Yeahhh, maybe by the time you were still here, i always argue with you. but but now i miss you, i miss all that arguements. You too okay,take care!
 no matter what,we're still friends right?